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Key Features include

  • 300gsm canvas with superior waterproofing
  • Zippable ‘bath tub’ style 540 (g/m²) ground sheets
  •  Integrated mosquito netting doors
  •  Wooden guy sliders, dollies and heavy duty pegs

With over 9 years experience in the bell tent sales and tipi hire industry we have drawn on our knowledge to create exceptional bell tents. Please see our product pages for detailed photos and videos of our tents.

Why buy a bell tent?

With soft draping lines and traditional styling the bell tent offers a beautiful and elegant structure.  Within, the bell tent gives a wonderful, sociable circular space. Natural, cotton canvas provides a soft ambient light and welcoming shade on a lazy hot summer’s day.

Rich cotton  canvas keeps you cosy at night and bell tents provide ample head room. They are also strong, durable and practical with set up times between 10 and 20 minutes.

Its all in the detail

3rd set of pegs

Based on our experience over many years of  hiring bell tents, we only provide heavy duty pegs and in addition we  also supply as standard a 3 rd set of heavy duty stake pegs to secure the elastic loops (the elastic loops should always be secured separately) You can view the importance of this on our ‘video page’ .

YKK Zips

We use YKK zips throughout our tents.

Guy lines

We  sell modern, rather than traditional sisal guy lines for three very good reasons.

The first is that natural ropes like manilla or sisal will shrink when wet. They will shrink anywhere from 8 – 10% of their length. This extra tension causes a lot of pressure on the seams so the guy line will need to be slackened off, once the rope dries out it will then return to its original length and be too loose. The result is at best constant adjustment of the guy lines and at worst damage to the seams. Nylon ropes do not shrink when wet

The second reason is that natural ropes take a lot longer to dry than nylon. If you bell tent needs to be dried to store,  sisal/manilla guy lines will take a lot longer than the tent to dry so either the process takes a lot longer or the guy lines have to be removed and dried separately, they will then need to be put back on to use the tent. Synthetic rope does not hold moisture.

Thirdly, The reason why we have for sale modern guy lines rather than natural is that nylon ropes are much stronger and lighter than traditional ropes.  Nylon is about  2 1/2 the strength of manila. It is impervious to mildew and  has an excellent impact, fatigue and abrasion resistance.

Mosquito netting doors

Our tents come with a very fine, integrated mosquito netting door that also stops midges.

Rain hats and wooden dollies

The small details make all the difference. We include ‘rain hats’ (as standard) with our bell tents. These sit outside the bell tent on top of the A frame spike. This prevents any water getting through the A frame grommet and running down the pole  (a very useful feature) We also supply wooden dollies to sit on top of the A frame. This makes for a traditional looking, classically styled bell tent.



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