Why Dusky Deer?

With 32 mm heavy duty poles, integrated mosquito netting doors, heavy duty stakes, YKK Zips, marquee wooden sliders, 300gsm ganvas with superior waterproofing and ash dollies we feel we sell a really great bell tent at a reasonable price. We have 5 years experience hiring out tipis and bell tents through our other site tipirent.com so we know a lot about bell tents and canvas in general. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have so please get in touch.

Why the name?

We liked the word Dusky as it conveyed sunsets, fires and the calmness of the dimming of the day, we were considering something conventional around the idea of duskydawn etc until we asked our nephew who threw us a curve ball by coming up with dusky lion, we played around with that from everything from alligator to giraffe until we hit duskyreindeer which became dusky deer. So a 3 year old thought of the name, shame he wasn’t around 5 years ago when I started tipirent as I am sure I would have had a name with a bit more pizzazz.

How do you set up a bell tent and how long do they take?

We have detailed instructions here and also a video here but we will also email instructions with your tent. They take a similar time to set up as modern tents, 10 -20 minutes depending on how proficient you are and the size you go for.

What are the payment options and is it secure?

We accept cards, BACS or cheque. For security, if paying by card billing addresses must match the shipping address.

For security, no sensitive information is stored on our servers, we use a third party payment processor (Stripe) to process your cards which is a PSI service provider certified to level 1 (the most stringent level of certification available) We operate an advanced cloud proxy firewall (Sucuri) and as another layer of security we force 2048-bit RSA TLS 1.2  encryption on our entire site (at the time of writing  only 2% of websites serve entirely over https,  we are one them)

Are DuskyDeer bell tents waterproof?

Canvas is naturally water resistant and a waterproofing agent is also applied to the tent. You can test the waterproofing by witnessing the water ‘bead’ on the surface of the tent.

We use a high level of breathable waterproofing which vastly speeds up drying times and prevents mould and mildew. You can see more details about this here.

Are Dusky Deer Bell tent ethically produced?

Our tents are responsibly made at a regulated tent factory.  Our supplier has been awarded  ISO9001:2008 certification and is one of the largest manufactures of disaster relief tents used by agencies world wide.

Do your tents have mosquito netting doors?

Yes all our tents have integrated mosquito netting doors.

What colour are your tents ?

Our tents are a sandstone colour. You can see photos of the colour on our ‘technical photos’ tab on the product page. Sandstone is the perfect colour because it creates a very traditional looking tent and a much softer light than cream or white (useful at the peak of summer at 5am when the sun comes up!)

Are your zips of good quality?

There are a lot of zips on a bell tent so we use YKK zips exclusively.  YKK are the most famous and trusted zip manufacturer in the world and make the most reliable and highest quality zips on the planet. YKK Zips

How do you re proof your tent?

Your tent will last for many years of heavy rain and continuous use before waterproofing. Once you’ve  had it a while you can use nikwax cotton proof for re proofing. You can buy this from all the big camping shops.

Are DuskyDeer bell tents fire retardant?

Like most bell tents sold in the UK and Europe DuskyDeer bell tents have not been treated with fire retardant chemicals. Fire retardant treatment vastly increases the weight of the canvas and creates a much stiffer canvas without increasing the durability. You also reduce the lovely soft feel and flow of the canvas. As with all tents, care should be taken to reduce fire risks. You can learn more about tent safety here

Why do some of the photos of the tents look cream and the others light brown?

The tents we sell are a sandstone colour (a warm light brown) this is the most popular colour among campers and sellers because it it is traditional, unbleached and creates a soft warm light that is also a lot more colour fast than a stark white or cream (useful at 5 am when the sun comes up) The reason some of the photos look lighter than others depends on the strength of the sunlight when the photo was taken. Bright sunlight washes out the colour and makes it look lighter. You can however see the exact colour of our tents on our product page where we take a photograph of the canvas under indoor lighting.

Do you sell spares?

Yes, you can buy spares for your bell tent no problem. We have spare door and centre poles for both 4 metre and 5 metre bell tents for sale. We also stock spare canvas bags.