DuskyDeer bell tents and accessories come with insured shipping and a one year guarantee against manufacturer defects in the canvas.

The bell tents we sell are built to the highest standard, using strong durable materials. The factory where the bell tents have been produced as been awarded the internationally recognised quality assurance certification ISO9001:2000 .

Although our bell tents are built to the highest standard the guarantee covers manufacturing defects in the canvas such as stitching problems. It does not cover wear and tear or damage caused by adverse weather conditions.  The warranty does not extend to the poles, zips or groundsheet.

Our guarantee covers manufacturing defects only under ‘normal usage conditions’. If the tent is subjected to high, incorrect tension of the guy ropes or high winds this can cause damage to the tent.

Our guarantee covers DuskyDeer bell tents (purchased via our website) The DuskyDeer guarantee is non transferable and applies only to products delivered within the UK.

Although many professional and private users purchase bell tents for long term set ups, we sell our bell tents as tents, not as permanent structures. DuskyDeer bell tents are built to be fit for purpose for their intended use in the light leisure market. They are not intended for long term set ups, extreme weather conditions or for permanent living.

If the tent has been continually set up for more than 28 days then the tent is considered to be used as a permanent structure and no longer being used as a temporary structure. If the tent is no longer being used as a temporary structure it is no longer being used for the purpose for which it has been sold for light leisure/camping tent.

If a customer buys a bell tent that they use as a permanent structure and reports a manufacturing problem in the first 28 days the bell tent will still be considered to be under guarantee.

After 28 days the bell tent has become a permanent structure and is excluded from the 12 month guarantee.

DuskyDeer bell tents have been treated to be mould resistant but it is not possible to make the tents mould proof. Mould is not covered by the warranty as DuskyDeer have no control over the conditions that the tents are left up in or the conditions that the tents are stored. You can view details of how to correctly store your tent and how to correctly set up your tent to prevent mould and mildew here.

As canvas is a natural product, inconsistencies such as colour variations, fading (due to sun and rain exposure) swelling and shrinking of the weave is to be expected and they do not affect the usage of the tent.

Damages arising from Force Majeure and incorrect usage (for example insufficient anchoring of the tent/tarp, when set up or during construction or de construction) and ‘permanent’ set ups are excluded from our guarantee.

Your legal and statutory rights as a consumer are not affected by our guarantee.