Our waterproofing

If our waterproofing were average we would not be making a song and dance about it, but it  is excellent so we are.

Apart from the obvious, the benefits of great waterproofing are:

1)Increased rot resistance. Our canvas has been rot proofed, but excellent waterproofing also increases the rot proofing. This is because if water does not absorb into the canvas the tent will dry considerably faster when up so will spend a lot less time wet.

2) Vastly Increased mould / mildew resistance. The tent needs to be wet long enough for mould and mildew to develop. If the bell tent dries very quickly between rainfalls this prevents mould / mildew from occurring.

3) The bell tent dries much quicker after packing away the tent as the water does not saturate into the canvas. This is particularly useful after a camping trip where you want to get your tent dried quickly. It is also very useful for hire companies who need to get the tents down and dried quickly before the next booking.

4) Having a very well waterproofed canvas vastly increases its longevity.

We hosed it down for a while to show you how well it stands up to persistent rain, but If you get bored watching somebody hose down a tent  skip to 2.27 where we go inside it!