Please note: we no longer sell our tents but we highly recommend this bell tent here

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Bell tent over view

Detailed overview of our tents. The video shows a 4 metre tent but the features on the 5 metre tent are identical. Key features include thicker 300gsm canvas, Exceptional waterproofing (vastly speeds up drying time increases the longevity of the canvas and prevents rot/mildew please see video) YKK zips throughout (the most trusted and reliable zips on the planet), Marquee sliders, wooden dolly, Heavy duty pegs (3 sets)

Bell tent waterproofing

Demonstration of the waterproofing on our tents. Benefits of excellent waterproofing includes much faster drying times,  mildew/mould prevention and increased longevity. Please see here for more information. If you get bored watching somebody hose down a tent you can skip to 2.27 where we go inside it.


How to set up a DuskyDeer bell tent

The video from our youtube page detailing how to set up one of our tents.

Set up time for a 4 metre is roughly 10 -15 minutes and 15 – 20 for a 5 metre.

* Please note,  since the video was made we have made quite a few changes to our tents (different colour, guy sliders, zips, etc)  For a detailed overview of our 2018 tents please see the video above.


How to set up a bell tent (Fast Motion)

Thank you to our customer (YouTube channel burnbabybyrne ) for sending in a fast motion video of himself setting up one of our tents (perfectly)

Pebble Ties and Coin Grommets.

How to add additional pegging points to a tarp, marquee, tent windbreak … using pebble ties. A very simple, quick method that is very strong but also kind on the canvas.